Welcome to our nonprofits page – I’m truly excited that you’re here and I know that this is a truly special and unique area. Nonprofits are defined by people, passion, and purpose – it’s your greatest strength…and at times your greatest weakness. If you’re here today, it’s because you’ve felt what so many nonprofit leaders feel today: a gap between their requirements and their resources. Whether it’s a shortage of time, finances, bandwidth, people, or just plain gas in the tank – serving in a nonprofit can be a tremendously rewarding experience but, at the same time, a phenomenally stressful and emotional experience as well – you are at the cutting edge of a need that must be met and yet sometimes that need you’re so passionate about…is the one thing you seem to have minimal control in meeting.

Nonprofits face unique challenges: from volunteer help, to fundraising, to turnover, and the emotional toll of intense work schedules and sometimes failed expectations. The burnout rate is very real, and the personal cost can be high. But the beauty of the nonprofit is also the impact it can have on all those it serves…which is the one thing that can easily get lost in the dynamic of competing demands, tight resources, overburdened leaders, and turnover of personnel.

This is where I would like to come in and help you. I understand the dynamic and difficulty of running a nonprofit organization as well as the fire and passion of the leader to make a difference; a passion that is not always shared by those with whom the leader must work. My goal is to come alongside and help develop you as a leader in this environment; build your teams – fuel their passion and the “why” behind what your organization does; develop strategic plans or management structures; and streamline your operations so you can stair-step your way one objective at a time to the purpose you strive to achieve.

Let’s fulfill your purpose!

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