…we will chase perfection and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we cannot attain it. But along the way we will capture excellence.

patrick lencioni in "The five dysfunctions of a team"

The most powerful part of your organization is not the product or the service you provide – it’s the combined power of the people you have on your team. Whether for good or ill the key link between ordinary and extraordinary lies in the functionality and alignment of your team.

That team is where the power of your organization resides: it’s where opposing views, combined perspectives, dynamic ideas, and powerful solutions reside and can be harnessed to great effect. But it is also the place, when those ingredients are not aligned or harnessed, that can bog your company down in the ordinary. That’s the dichotomy of teams – the same attributes that make them so powerful when harnessed can be so detrimental when they are not.

And in truth, this is why many organizations are afraid to build them. They fear the power of the teams so instead of building good ones they build “yes” ones.

Don’t let that be you. Building a powerful team is not easy – but it’s definitely doable and game changing!

While our human nature craves to be part of a tribe or a group not everybody automatically falls in line with the direction of that group because we each come with a different set of expectations and personalities: every team has as many differing sets of expectations, core values, philosophies, and ideas as there are people on that team. So, the solution is not trying to “subordinate” the needs of the individual to the needs of the team (that’s just one small part).

The real solution – the powerful solution – is to incorporate the strengths of the individual to build the power of the team. The strength of the team lies not in the subordination of their power – but in the harnessing of it.

There’s a big difference: Conflict is real; underlying doubts, agendas, and friction points are real as are personal dynamics and attitudes. Assuming all of those things can just be subordinated is not only unrealistic – it’s detrimental. The whole purpose of building that team was to bring those differences to bear so that you could harness the unique gifts of the individuals on the team to shore up the weaknesses of the others on the team.

We’re not all just rowing together – we’re actually in the boat buying into our vision, developing our strategy, figuring out our “point B,” and then getting our oars into the water in accordance with our unique strengths and talents to row with all our power towards that vision. 

That’s why this process is so important. You need to build, lead, align, inspire, and develop that team – not just subordinate it – and when you turn that corner you will experience one of the greatest joys: being part of a special organization that maximizes its potential; reaches excellence; and has a culture that is unique in your industry.

You will dominate your space…and that’s a lot of fun!

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