…we will chase perfection and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we cannot attain it. But along the way we will capture excellence.

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Leadership is a pursuit – it’s a process that transforms you, those around you, and the organization you lead. It is not a product we are born with but rather a process of growing over time, of turning our ceilings into floors, and of learning to powerfully impact/influence our environment (meaning those around us).

One of the myths of leadership is that you must be born with it. We tend to look at those more vocal, more outgoing, more “take-charge” as natural leaders while others are not. The problem with that thought is that it has no basis in reality. Study after study after study has disproved that myth. Leadership is influence and every single person on a team – whether in charge or not – has an influence; and that is the first most important piece of information on a leader’s journey: it doesn’t begin with what you do…it begins with who you are.

Great leaders don’t lead from a position outside their personality – they lead from the strength that resides smack-dab in the middle of it!

Think of the great leaders through history – some are vocal and outgoing, others are quiet and consistent, some have a combination of both but across the board the great leaders of history possessed a solid knowledge of who they were, where they wanted to go, and a passion to influence those around them to get there.

And there’s absolutely no reason that can’t be you.

  • But leadership is a process – and it can be tough. Leaders today are faced with a myriad of challenges that take time, effort, training, and experience to navigate:

    How do you manage your time and effort (or your organization’s) when everything is a priority?
  • Everybody wants to move themselves, their team, and their organization to the next level but that’s really hard to do when we’re consumed by the noise and fires at our current level.
  • How do you delegate without having to take it over and do it yourself?
  • The emotional toll of having to be involved in every aspect of your team or organization’s processes leaves very little bandwidth for growth but how do you grow your people to where you can hand things off?
  • How do you prepare for and create a vision for tomorrow when you barely have time to get through the fires you face today?
  • How do you influence and inspire people to give their best effort and move your team/organization to the next level?
  • How do you create a vision that you can articulate and then develop the systems that support your vision instead of a myriad of bureaucratic policies, meetings, and processes that stifle innovation, suck the joy out of your people, and hold you in a perpetual state of “where you’ve been” vs helping you raise the water level and get to “where you want to go.”

These are just a few of the amazing challenges leaders face today on top of which you’re trying to balance work, family, health, and life. Welcome to the dynamic that is called leadership – what I would call the greatest journey on the planet!

You took your role as a leader for a reason – you were chosen for a reason – now we just need to ignite your passion and bring our 30 plus years of expertise to teach, coach, and mentor you to become that leader you were created to be!

Welcome to leadership – lets go lead!

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