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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

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True excellence is not where you are today but a mindset (and culture) that is laser focused, motivated, and continuously growing towards where you’re going to be tomorrow: it’s a pattern of sustained performance in all areas over time – and that’s our passion at Endeavor Solutions.

Our goal is not to focus in on one metric, a snapshot of time, a single performance, or even a single season – our goal is to help leaders, teams, and organizations build a continuous upward trajectory of success over time. Our passion is to help you grow, help you learn, and then watch you excel on the up-and-down road that gets you from where you are to where you want to go.

Whether You're Flying Solo, Looking for Team Inspiration, Are a Small Business Owner, or a Non-Profit, we're here to help you fulfill your purpose.

Leaders Flying Solo

Whether a senior leader, a management team member, or a soon-to-be leader; every single person in the organization has a responsibility to lead – but leadership is a journey, not a destination.


The most powerful part of your organization is not the product or the service you provide – it’s the people you have on your team. Whether for good or ill the power of your overall success lies in the functionality of your team and that team can be your greatest asset.

small business owners

One of the challenges small business owners face, among many, is that the skills that make you a successful entrepreneur aren’t necessarily the same skills that allow you to build a long term sustainable business.


Nonprofits face unique challenges: from volunteer help, to fundraising, to turnover, and the emotional toll of intense work schedules and sometimes failed expectations. The burnout rate is very real, and the personal cost can be high.

What We Do

We have a step-by-step system to evaluate and then identify the root cause of your sticking point (whether you’ve hit one or are about to hit one) and then using our unique knowledge and tools we’ll design the process for getting you through it. Our goal is not to direct your path with a one-size-fits-all schematic.

Our goal is to evaluate why you’re where you are and then develop the vehicle to get you where you want to go in a way that fits who you are.

We bring in a wholistic perspective to help you re-set your sights and keep moving forward. The beauty of what you do is that you bring something unique to the table for your customers. The beauty of what we do is that we bring something unique to our customers so that they can keep serving theirs. We help you define your “why,” develop the plan for “how,” and then inspire all those around you to fulfill the “what.”

“…we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi

Who Can We Help?

Every individual, every leader, every team, and every organization goes through transition points – it’s part of the journey. Whether driven by changing economic forces, personal dynamics at work and home, or a surge in the business environment one truth resounds throughout our personal and business journey: change is inevitable. The problem is that many times change sneaks up on those most affected by it:

  • A fast-growing business that was so exciting at the outset becomes an enormous burden: leaders are overwhelmed, overworked, under-compensated, and heading towards burn-out.
  • A promising business with a solid offering is in decline with no real explanation as to why.
  • A shift in personnel or strategy has brought together teams but those teams aren’t functioning the way they should.
  • Leadership and management systems that seem solid don’t seem to be bearing fruit. Good employees are hard to come by, hard to push forward, and even harder to keep.

In cases like this, and many others, the question always seems to be why – what happened – is the problem external or internal and…how do we get from where we are to where we want to go (or can we even get there)?

The thing is – all those issues I mentioned above are symptoms of a deeper problem. To the person in the arena they are the problem – they’re what keep you up at night. But the reality is that they are not the problem – the problem is deeper – there’s a root cause: somewhere along the way we missed a transition point. For example:

  • The fast-growing business that has become a burden missed the transition from a start-up model to a sustainment model (regardless of how long ago they were a start-up). They need to scale, assess their strategy, organize, lead, and manage differently than they have in the past.
  • The business whose growth has slowed missed a transition point in the market. It was not sensitive to shifts in consumer demand so while the market shifted the offerings did not. They need to go back and examine their “why.”
  • The teams that aren’t functioning missed the transition from an individual mindset to a team mindset. Instead of a central purpose and “why” there are as many differing perspectives and expectations on the team as there are people.
  • The personnel systems that aren’t bearing fruit have missed a transition from systems put in place to manage people to the passion required to lead people.

All these, and many more, are root causes of why people and organizations miss transition points and, ultimately, why leaders in those situations wake up one day and ask: what happened, where do I go from here, and most importantly… what happened to my passion?

But here’s the best part – we can fix that! As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” You’ve tasted success – you may feel like you’re currently tasting, or are about to taste, failure – but none of that matters because our purpose is to push you past both of those with the courage to continue.

I’m looking forward to walking this part of your journey to excellence with you!

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